The acousmatic civilian (interior: driver's seat)

The acousmatic civilian (interior: passenger seat)

The acousmatic civilian (interior: back seat)

Target (interior: back seat floor)

The acousmatic officer (exterior: no seat)

At 740 GL with BD Pack, Ben Kinmont and Seth Kim-Cohen. Curated by Sam Grossinger

In Every Dream Home A Heartache at Disco City Art Gallery #8

A Stray, 3D printed tactile map adhered to building exterior with pin and washer using Ramset .22 caliber powder actuated tool

At Disco City #8 Art Gallery (detail of Remington .22 caliber charge)

For All The Strays, Laser print and adhesive vinyl on selfie stick

In Every Dream Home A Heartache at Disco City #8 Art Gallery

Anna's Unisex Salon, Hand and machine cut vinyl on window

Interior view (day)

Interior view (night)

Untitled, Journey 3 pipe magnetically adhered to railing, cannabis sativa. Chicago Cultural Center (northeast service stairwell), on the occasion of the 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Hungry at Trust

Last meal, Flour, sugar, salt, boric acid, folded paper towel

Una Furtiva Lagrima, Inkjet print on adhesive vinyl

Untitled, 11/25/14, Stargazer lily bud, epoxy resin, water

Untitled, Votive prayer candles, the wicks of which have been removed